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Our best quality ‘FRP’ dustbins in various animal shapes. We specialize in making the FRP dustbins in different animal forms like rabbit, penguin, puppy and nirmalya kalash etc. The highest grade raw materials are used in the manufacturing process and these FRP dustbins can be availed at industry leading prices.

Puppy Bin
Approx Area: 0.4Mtr. Dia
Height: 0.75Mtr.
Rabbit Bin
Approx Area: 0.65Mtr. Dia.
Height: 0.9Mtr.
Penguin Bin
Approx Area: 0.65 Mtr. Dia.
Height: 0.75Mtr.
FRP Nirmalya Kalash
One of the biggest outputs of the ganesh chaturthi and other festivals in india .....
Metal Bin - SS
Approx Area: 0.35Mtr. Dia.
Height: 0.9 Mtr.
Metal Bin - MS
Approx Area: 0.35 Mtr. Dia.
Height: 0.9 Mtr.
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