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Mobile Toilet Vans

Mobile Toilet Vans are introduced, with the aim of ensuring convenient and hygienic sanitation in public places. These FRP mobile toilet van designed with attention to safety, hygiene and privacy. The FRP mobile toilet van having arrangement of fresh water supply and waste disposal as well. Multi seat mobile toilet van are having following important features.
Features of the MOBILE TOILET VAN
Sturdy trailer to withstand against rough use
All panels are of FRP hence highly rust proof
Easy to clean
FRP coated tank sludge tank fitted at bottom of van equipped with valve to easily flush out as and when required at desired location.
Mobile toilet van equipped with fresh water tank at both side which ensures easily proper cleaning during the use.
Design is approved by transport commissioner.
No odor of uncleanness.
Van in equipped with hand brakes ensures safety on road.
Available in various models.
Design approval from transport commissioner
10 Seater
No of compartments - 10 nos.
Sludge tank capacity - 900 litre
8 Seater
No of compartments - 8 nos.
Sludge tank capacity - litre
6 Seater
No of compartments - 6 nos.
Sludge tank capacity - Litre
2 Seater
No of compartments - 2 nos.
Sludge tank capacity - litre
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