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Open Ditch Cleaner

“open ditch cleaner” is useful equipment used for cleaning / de-silting of road side nallahs / open drains. The machine is after being parked parallel to the nallahs / open drains scoops the silts and other floating bodies from the nallahs / open drains and collect the same in the tipping hopper.
This collected silt can be discharged in other transport vehicle or on a land fill area at desired location.
Salient features
• All operation of de-silting of open nallahs / drains is performed without direct touching to silt by any human body.
• Developed on tractor robust designed trailer chassis.
• Back-hoe extension along with operator enables perfect alignment of the equipment to the nallahs / open drains.
• Back-hoe can be rotated by 90º to its own axis along with operator to scoop and discharge the slit in collection hopper.
• Approximately 50 kg capacity of the bucket will reduce the operational time.
• No need of equipment to be transported to the slit discharging point after every filling of hopper it can be discharged in other transport vehicle directly.
• Operated on 40 hp ( min ) tractor pto no need of auxiliary drive for the hydraulic pump.
Open Ditch Cleaner
Open Ditch Cleaner
Technical specifications of the nsf scopper
Bucket capacity 50 kg / 0.05 m³
Arm movement By  hydraulically three cylinders
Arm swinging By  hydraulically
Lateral movement By  hydraulically
Lateral movement 800 mm maximum
Drive From tractor pto
Maximum hydraulic pressure 150 bar
Volumetric capacity of hopper / tipper 2 m³
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