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SWM Processing Equipment

Rotary screen with belt conveyor “rotary screen” is designed considering emergence of big problem in solid waste management in most of the cities and towns in india. Most of the municipal solid waste (msw) received at landfill area or waste disposal area is mixture of decomposable material along with plastic, metal, glass, sand and other non-biodegradable material. To segregate decomposable material rotary screen is designed.
Msw is first received in pre-processing area of the plant. In this area, large size objects such as tires, cans, glass articles, metals cloths etc. Are handpicked manually. This semi segregated msw is then shifted to composting . After curing, compost msw is shifted to refinement section and passed through rotary screen to obtain the fine compost of particle size below 4 – 5 mm. Rejected particle size above 4-5 mm and material like stone, glass, sand, gravels, metal and other inert material is separated in “rotary screen” “rotary screen” is available in both manual feeding of municipal solid waste and by trough belt conveyor.
Segregation Machine
Technical specification of “rotary screen”....
Shredding Machine
Shredding and segregating system This system to process the ...
Simple Processing Machine
Simple processing machine fabricated with m. S. Body and stainless steel fans....
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