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Suction Van

Suction van is useful equipment for the use of cesspit and drain clearing ranging from tank capacity of lcv mounted 2000 , 3000 and 5000 litre capacity and tractor trolley mounted of 3000 litre capacity as also available. This equipment is ideal for emptying of septic tanks surcharged manholes, gulley pits for both liquid, solids and slurry materials
Features of suction van are as follows.
• It is capable of sucking particles up to 40 to 50 mm in diameter and from a distance of 100 feet and a depth of up to 25 feet.
• The capacity of the vacuum emptier tank is 2000 ltrs. To 8000 ltrs. As per the specific requirement.
• Can clean sewer lines, storm drains, cess pits, septic tanks, where normally manual cleaning is impossible due to inhuman conditions and poisonous gases.
• Maintenance is virtually nil for the first few years.
• Easy to operate as no special skill is required.
• Cleans blockage from the most inaccessible points.
• Reduction of labour-oriented method of cleaning, thus upgrading dignity of labour.
• Can be customised to suit any client’s requirement.
• It is available on trailer, three wheeler, lcv, mcv, and hcv truck chassis as per the specific requirement.
Suction Van
Suction Van


Model Vehicle gvw Volumetric  capacity Drive for vacuum pump
3000 lt Tractor trailer  of 4 m.t. 3000 litre Auxiliary engine
3000 lc Truck chassis of 7 m.t. 3000 litre Vehicles auxiliary pto
4000 lc Truck chassis of 9 m.t 4000 litre Vehicles auxiliary pto
6000 lc Truck chassis of 11 m.t 6000 litre Vehicles auxiliary pto
8000 lc Truck chassis of 15 m.t 8000 litre Vehicles auxiliary pto
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